Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i'd rather be the hare... the tortoise is just so slow and boring

SO, i've been completely neglectful to this blog, and i'm sure there are plenty of digital tumbleweeds filled with unnoticed yawns blowing around in here. BUT, i've decided to do my favorite thing ever and change the direction of the blog again. MOSTLY, because i just got the exciting news that i'll be working at slow and steady wins the race in new york all summer!! SO, you'll get to read about all the fun things i do while getting lost in manhatten trying to find my way to the production factories!! ANNNYWAY, this is about to be the REAL real world brooklyn (stolen idea from carmen! because we'll both be there!!!). i bet you just can't wait for me to leave! well it's going to be about a month before it happens. maybe i'll post something before then, maybe not. oh yeah, did i mention i've been fucking busy? well, if not, i've been fucking busy. you'll see the fruits of that labor soon enough.

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