Tuesday, July 20, 2010

so i know i've been terrible at updating, but my life has been far too busy (with work, socializing, and general living) to even think of a blog. i have so much to tell, but it needs to wait. i have a few really important clothing updates, and the most important one is coming soon. let me just give you a teaser right now: it involves a bag that retails for over $1,000 that will be falling beautifully in my lap this weekend and that will remain on my arm for as long as my heart sees fit, i.e. forever. also, there's some gareth pugh, horace, the next big jewelry designer (dilan walpola), and a few more that will be featured on my own body in my next big editorial/expose post. lots of stories, lots of pictures, and hopefully some erin. be excited, and i hope the lives of anyone who actually reads this have been just as beautiful and exciting as my own.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

as promised, although a couple of days late, here is what i bought at seven!! it's a giuliano fujiwara shirt! i love it, it can be worn multiple ways, AND it's fully reversible!! check it out in action:

just regular

oh look, extra straps!

crop top! *can only be worn this way when really drunk and dancing at the bar... and at that point things have already gotten regrettable haha

half crop-top! *this happens right before full crop-top.

with my new mesh shirt over it. only to be worn when going to the gayest of functions and plan on remaining sober enough to push off stumbly gays without getting into fights.


i probably should have made a better background, huh?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

so i spent like 9 hours yesterday in soho. doing what, you ask? starbucks, starbucks, jamba juice and, oh yeah, SHOPPING. i spent, umm... just a little bit too much, but hey, i came here with almost exclusively winter clothing! it's been like 85 since i got here! anyway, just enjoy the mesh of this great fully mesh vintage shirt i bought, and there's a uniqlo shirt underneath. for the culmination of the shopping time photos, you're going to have to wait for tomorrow! THEN, you'll get to see what i bought at SEVEN!

Friday, June 4, 2010

justine and i went bar hopping! well, sort of. we went to more than one bar! although, i will say, there is no such thing as thirsty thursday in new york... i guess that's just a chicago thing, because no one was out last night.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

doug e. fresh is playing (yes, like performing) outside my window, which has (as you can maybe see) a fire escape!! NEW YORK I LOVE YOU!!! now it's just time to go out and find a summaluva! wish me luck!

edit: oh yeah, and my horoscope tells me to go out and do whatever i want tonight, and that someone will give me an unexpected gift. hopefully that gift isn't the herp!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

well, to take a break from packing and listening to empire state of mind way too many times i decided i'd take way too many photobooth pictures to show off my new shirt! you know how when you are looking to buy something nothing ever seems to work, and when you know you shouldn't buy anything you always find something perfect?? well, it happened. picked this wonderful new addition up at lenny and me in wicker park, and don't tell anyone, but it's past-season-zara! isn't it great?! you can't tell from the pictures, but it's actually pretty sheer, and made of flax! it's a step in the right direction (that direction being all white all summer). also, it looks great with the cuffs i made for the last saddle tramps collection show! whaddaya think?!

and i leave for new york the day after tomorrow!! AHHH!! i'm so excited, although i'll really miss erin. like, a serious lot.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

the wonderful isa (who is responsible for chicago looks) got a few pictures of me and erin the other night. i just posted three, but there are more on her post... and add her to your google reader! she does a really good job representing street style in chicago. like, much of it isn't my taste, but she makes sure to take pictures of people who actually care about personal style. which i can tell you, is a rarity in chicagoins. but the people who she gets pictures of are a really good representation of what's going on in chicago. okayokay, here are the pictures!

look, my new bag! already in the streetstyle blogosphere!

look at erin, represenin' in some saddle tramps collection and ann demeulemeester! and if you're wondering where you can see some more STC stuff, check out erin's website!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my good luck charm for the summer is my new surface to air bag!! i love it. i've been looking for the perfect flat leather bag for a long time, and one just happened (well, not really) to fall right into my lap (i.e. the vestibule where packages are left downstairs)!! and just so you know, it's made from the softest, nicest leather and has an equally soft flannel lining!! love love love it!! and if you aren't familiar with surface to air, make sure you check out their website. they've been on my radar for a while now, and i'm really happy to own a piece from them and to see what wonderful craftmanship goes into what they do.

looks great with the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony shoes, no?

and this is how i will clutch it when approached by fashion-conscious bums at 3am on the train.

P.S. sorry about the shitty photobooth pictures, i'm not feeling the whole mess of setting up a tripod and taking the time to upload pictures right now.

P.P.S. one week 'til i leave for new york!! and i swear the posts will become much more interesting and less sporadic once i'm there.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i'd rather be the hare... the tortoise is just so slow and boring

SO, i've been completely neglectful to this blog, and i'm sure there are plenty of digital tumbleweeds filled with unnoticed yawns blowing around in here. BUT, i've decided to do my favorite thing ever and change the direction of the blog again. MOSTLY, because i just got the exciting news that i'll be working at slow and steady wins the race in new york all summer!! SO, you'll get to read about all the fun things i do while getting lost in manhatten trying to find my way to the production factories!! ANNNYWAY, this is about to be the REAL real world brooklyn (stolen idea from carmen! because we'll both be there!!!). i bet you just can't wait for me to leave! well it's going to be about a month before it happens. maybe i'll post something before then, maybe not. oh yeah, did i mention i've been fucking busy? well, if not, i've been fucking busy. you'll see the fruits of that labor soon enough.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hey look, it's us!!
(all photos by angus smyth)